9 to 5 mixed media painting with numbers

On Saturday I will demonstrate my use of stencils with acrylics. I love stencils and have been using them for several years. Sometimes I use the entire stencil and then stencil over it. And other times I use just a part of a stencil. 

I think of stencils as the pattern or piece of my life. Done in layers there might be part of a church spire, a window, brick pattern and more. While the viewer might not see these entire layers, I know they are there. Most of my paintings have a minimum of 9 layers and some have had more than 42 layers. 

In future blog posts I will show you how I put together one of my paintings. 

The painting up above is 9 to 5 and is in my private collection. 

Tommy B. McDonell, Ph.D. 
Artist Leap4artNC LLC

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