Welcome to the beginning of my art store Leap4artnc (LLC). For the last 3 days (which have felt like five years, I have tried to do the following: set up Shopify (I’m getting there); tried to connect Fine Art America which prints my art into products; and, to set up, connect, and configure Facebook to accept my company and show my ads! 

Nothing is perfect yet. I continue to work, and although I swear my hair is getting grayer, I am enjoying it; I’ll explain why later. 

I expect there will continue to be some bumps, beeps, and problems, hence my post of "Beep Beep." This original painting is sold but eventually you will see note or greeting cards, and be able to buy a print. 

 Continue to stay tuned. I look forward to getting to know you and for you to know my art. 

Tommy B. McDonell, Ph.D.

Monday, December 14th, 7:19PM

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