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I've never understood why I can't either have things that match or at least have things that go with each other. For example, I am known for my socks. I have hundreds of different patterns. But, sometimes I actually would like them to go with something. So why can't I buy socks that have a small bag to go with them? Or how about Beach Bag that reminds me of the sea. 

I love to create the ocean with Alcohol Inks. I have a fair amount of Sea paintings or paintings that remind me of vacations. I noticed recently that I could make Flip Flops, Beach Towels, Beach Bags, and more using my art. I thought that was cool. So now you will notice that I have a small shop inside my store just for things with summer! And this weekend I hope to try to create some underwater scenes. 

I've never really worn Flip Flops before but I like these. The thong or whatever by your toe is comfortable. And the shoe itself is springy. 

I will be adding more of my paintings on to these flip flops soon. 

To see these and other flip flops , bags, and beach towels, click here


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